Nebo Tours is a leading tourism company in Jordan. We have over sixty years experience and are proud to introduce ourselves to you with this brief background of who we are and what we do. We began our tourism services as hotel owners and operators. Our new  hotel Kings’ Way Inn, is situated in the town of Wadi Mousa where the famous ancient city of Petra is located. It is an 80 room, 4 star hotel, and one of the newest in the area having opened in September, 1994. We are sister company of the Grand Palace Hotels Company which owns and manages two known and well established hotels in Amman. Both hotels, The Grand Palace Hotel, a 150 room, 3 star hotel, and The Regency Palace Hotel, a 300 room, 5 star hotel, are located in the commercial center of Amman, the capital of Jordan.
Nebo Tours is a founding investor and board member in the Alpha Bus  Company. This is the newest tourist bus company in Jordan with an issued capital of US $13 million. All buses have EC (European Community) standards. At the present time we have 80 buses in operation all of which are 1995 models of Mercedes, Scania/Lizar and Mutsubishi. They are all high deck buses, with double glazing, air-conditioning, ABS and features necessary in luxury buses. The larger coaches are all equipped with lavatories, TV/VCR


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