The gulf of Aqaba is famous for being home to the finest marine life in the Middle East. Unlike other areas of the Red Sea in which diving is hindered and marine life is hampered by busy shipping, the gulf is a haven of tranquillity, where diverse kinds of marine life have made their home in the shallow waters and lagoons. Of particular interest for divers are the coral reefs, where over 100 varieties of stony coral can be found in abundance. Over a thousand species of fish inhabit these waters, making the wealth and diversity of marine life in the Gulf of Aqaba unique. 
Water sports in Aqaba are comprehensive, ranging from scuba diving, water skiing, wind surfing, and parasailing, snorkeling and paddle-boating. Specialized diving centers provide fine facilities and expert instruction. 

After visiting the fortresses of Kerak and Shobak, the Aqaba fortress seems modest. It has a main gate that leads into a vestibule that in its turn leads to a courtyard. Steps lead down to the dungeons from the two rooms astride the vestibule.
If one climbs the battlements, that person would be standing behind the Hashemite crest. Behind the fortress is Aqaba’s Visitor’s Center and museum. The museum was once home to the Sharif Hussein bin Ali. It has Nabatean, Roman, Byzantine, and Egyptian articles as well as items from across the Arab World.

The aquarium has its glistening fish and plentiful plant life, that gives an insight into what lies beneath the Red Sea’s surface. Near the aquarium is the Royal Aqaba Yacht Club.
The club, which has a total of 150 decks in its marina, offers superb facilities. As for the old town, little has changed since the medieval times. Being in the old town is like being in one of A Thousand And One Nights’ tales. People wander in the winding alleyways looking at the windows of the gold shops. One can also see the giant watermelons, tomatoes, and mounds of exotic spices

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