For those fascinated by Crusader legends and lore, a second group of castles beckons. The scenic King’s Highway is a historic road stretching from Amman to Aqaba, and littered with the remains of Crusader forts and outposts. The most important among these are Kerak and Shobak.

The fortress was built for defense rather than beauty. But to walk the battlements and the subterranean passageways gives one a true feeling of its formidable presence.
There is a museum within the fortress in a vast vaulted hall. It is reached by a few steps that lead down from the ground level. Among the artifacts are fine glass bowls and flasks. Another great hallway is situated below the Kerak museum hall. It is reached by a separate set of stairs and the legend has it that it was there that Saladin had his throne.

Shobak has a great fortress, known as Mont Realis (Montreal) which surveyed the crucial Damascus to Cairo trade route.
The fortress has exquisite Mamluk lettering on the main square tower. In one chamber on the first level, two circular holes in the floor lead to a reservoir. Another room was probably a chapel. There are also millstones for pressing olives, lintels and archways.

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