South of Amman proudly stands the "City of Mosaics", Madaba. Madaba is perched on an archaeological tel with more than 4000 years of history buried beneath it. The quality and quantity of mosaic flooring has made Madaba one of the most prominent cities in the world for mosaics. St. George's Church houses the world famous mosaic floor depicting a large mosaic map of Palestine. Centrally located on this mosaic floor is a detailed map of Jerusalem as it was during the sixth century AD. At the Church of the Apostles, at the southern entrance of the city, is a mosaic floor attributed to the craftsman Salamanios, depicting the Sea, with the central figure of a woman encircled with a selection of creatures, vegetation and an inscription. 

It was there, on Mount Nebo, that Moses stood forbidden by God to enter the Promised Land. And where he lived out his days and finally interred. At the cusp of Mount Nebo, looking out towards the ‘Promised Land’, rises a snake made of iron, curled around a cross. It represents the bronze serpent taken up by Moses when he was in the desert, as well as signifying the Cross on which Jesus was crucified.
At Syagha, a monastery was constructed on the foundations of the early chapel. Some of Jordan’s most magnificent Byzantine mosaic work is housed within the monastery’s walls.
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On the top of Mount Nebo, also called "Siyagha", there are the main ruins of a church and a monastery.

The floors are decorated by mosaic. It is believed that Prophet Moses was burried on this Mount. This is part of the mosaic in Mount Nebo.
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In Madaba, the floor of the Church of the Apostles is adorned with beautiful mosaic drawings. The most significant section of the main floor is the medallion which is known as the Personification of the Sea. It depicts a woman emerging from the sea, half-clad, raising what is thought to be a rudder in line with her head.
The Sea, concealing her left breast suggests that the figure is part of the swirling water. A Tourist Office is just across the Church of St. George. There is a museum that has Jordan’s oldest known mosaic floor, that comes from the Herodian fortress of Machaerus.
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Mentioned in the New Testament as the palace in which Salome danced in exchange for the head of John the Baptist on a platter.
The royal fortress lies on top of the steep hill is that of Herod the Great. Herod’s dispute with John the Baptist began and ended at Mukawir fortress. Mukawir lies 2,295 feet overlooking the Dead Sea. It is protected on three sides by deep ravines.
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