Otherwise known as Valley of the Moon, the landscape of Wadi Rum with its immensity, colour and awe-inspiring shapes creates an almost supernatural atmosphere. The setting for the film Lawrence of Arabia, and the actual location where camp was set by T.E. Lawrence, whose book "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom" was named after the seven natural columns varying in height located en route to Wadi Rum. 
Bedouin camps are evident in the Wadi, which is still home to a number of bedouin families, who welcome visitors with the hospitality and generosity that bedouins are so famous for. Arrangements can be made for visitors to go camping, four-wheel driving, camel riding, hiking and trekking, experiencing a true desert safari at Wadi Rum in addition to experiencing the vast wilderness and the different intensities of colours that the sky goes through at different stages of the day, making daybreak eventually be one of the most exhilarating experiences of one's life. 
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Towards the north of Wadi Rum, one can see the Seven Pillars of Wisdom where T.E. Lawrence ( of Arabia) had his camp. Daybreak at Wadi Rum is breathtaking. The sky changes colors to indigo and the mountains and sand to rosy-pink.
The Bedouin encampment is kindled and the coffee brewed. The riders, or Desert Patrol, leave their camels outside and sit for refreshments. The Bedouins speak of a full moon so bright that they had to cover their eyes from being blinded. In the morning, Wadi Rum is cold but by noon the sun is so hot that it will burn in seconds, so it is better to take a hat and scarf to cover the head and neck.

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